A Practitioner’s Guide to Rational Emotive Therapy

Susan Whalen, Raymond DiGiuseppe, Windy Dryden

Reviewed by:
On January 20, 2014
Last modified:April 28, 2014


Intended for new and experienced professionals alike, this guide is greatly detailed and is a must for any REBT professionals bookshelf.

If you are a therapist considering using REBT in your practice, this is one of the best books for you. The authors do a thorough job of explaining the concepts of REBT and teaching how to best educate your clients.

The systematic approach to REBT as presented by the authors consists of going through the adversity, the consequences, the beliefs, and disputation with the client, complete with specific strategies, and then assigning homework.  Also, the process of creating a course of therapy is discussed. Case examples put the authors’ points in real-life situations.

This book not only educates but also serves as a great reference.

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