REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) was first introduced in 1955 however it remained relatively unknown until propelled into more common use by the publication of this book. Since first published in 1961, A Guide to Rational Living has enjoyed many reprints, has sold over a million copies, and remains a popular self-help book today.

This book was the first to describe how beliefs create upsets, which was a major step forward to the acceptance of REBT (first known as RT) as a tool for helping people to stop their own emotional upsets.

While the book may present some radically different concepts for those new to using REBT, its clear presentation helps the reader get a solid understanding of the process of using the method and many examples are given.

By using sample client interactions as examples, the book tends to explain its concepts in a conversational manner, making the process of understanding the approach a simple matter of listening in as the books relates stories of others who also learned to self themselves with REBT.

If you’re getting started with REBT, and would like a very good overview of how to generally use REBT for self help, A Guide to Rational Living┬áis an excellent choice.